Friday, September 08, 2006

Burning Man 2006

Decompression from the pscyh phenom is in full effect, but I will be attempting to chronicle the events foretold by several stars but not quite understood prior to their unfolding. The hallucinogenic extent of the weeklong festivities, worship, and frollicking will be self-evident in perusing the range of photo and video coverage that i've pieced together during the last few days. My observations are many, and time is plentiful at this point to explore the depths of my transformative experience at Burning Man 2006.

! photo +
To enjoy an optimal viewing experience, click on the link below and then the Burning Man 2006 icon at the top right. Then, on the Burning Man 2006 album page, click at the top right to view as slideshow in a NEW WINDOW with the speed set for about 2-3 seconds per picture:


* video #
Also, while I craft my poetic, prosaic, and spiritual accounts of the craziness, you should indulge in some of my video footage from Burning Man:

Here are a few of the most psychedelic-

Burning Man Stickpeople Wil' Out

Burning Man Stickwoman Wiggles Herself Pink
Mega Volt Fries His Brains
Mega Volt Does Tesla Dirty
Up in Flames Goes the Man
Burning Man Blasts Off
The man gets sunned.

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Anonymous said...

Shit is the hotness. I gotta hit up this jam one day.

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