Sunday, July 15, 2007

Iron like a Lion

Once upon a time, Aziz and Habibi lived in an ancient port city. Originally called Joppa, the city is now known to most as Spring Mound. Aziz and Habibi were proud to reside in a land that had often been wrested from their ancestors' control. Though the messiah had never truly been a viable presence in their lives, much consideration was owed to various sects that preached the eventual descent of a messianic figure. Aziz and Habibi generally felt that the political outcomes of mankind go in cycles.
One member of their tribe lived just across the hallway from them in Spring Mound and was known conveniently to all inhabitants of the building as the Ghostess. This Ghostess is said to have been a distant relation of both Aziz and Habibi, dating to the days when their people dwelled in the caves of Transylvania. This bizarre woman of extreme pallor typically isolated herself from her society and even from fellow ghosts. Ghostess frequented the lair of the lion in order to maintain contact with these two sons of sin. Although the forces of Yahweh often punished Aziz and Habibi for their delinquency, Ghostess managed to cough up some sympathy for both Aziz and Habibi, who perennially arouse the ire of Yahweh's foot soldiers.
Aziz and Habibi's people are an ancient people, whose connection to the land has lasted millennia. While their people have always enjoyed ebb and flow, victory unto defeat, ecstasy upon misery, they remain throughout the ages an immortal people. The contemporary challenges to the mandate of Aziz and Habibi will eventually fall by the wayside. The law of return shall triumph in the long term, as the true inhabitants of the soil rightfully reclaim their crescent of earth from the impostors. Unbeknownst to the infidels, Aziz and Habibi secretly ally with a number of distinct deities that don't always receive the backing of their whole tribal alliance.

Aziz and Habibi have forsworn allegiance to the warlords for whom they have battled generation after generation. The hope is everlasting. Even if they are removed from their land for an ephemeral era, Aziz and Habibi are always certain that they will eventually be reacquainted with the land of their ancestors. Aziz and Habibi may travel the world around, but they know where their home will forever be.

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