Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Goddesses of Psych Trance

Not since the heights of Burning Man have I frolicked in luscious layers of psychedelic madness.

The hallu- cinogenic intensity of the PsyTrance phenom is of far-reaching popularity in certain corners of the world. The Morning Glory party that I recently attended with two members of the tribe was on the slopes of Mt. Galboa, where King Saul was brutally slaughtered by the Philistines. The site seemed perfect for a nature party, set in a fertile meadow overlooking the Jezreel Valley in one of the Levant's primary agricultural breadboxes.

The party touched on the same Burning Man themes. While I am not able to attend Burning Man this year due to my present location 5000 kilometers from Black Rock City and a clear lack of sufficient energy, fiscal, and temporal resources, I had a satisfactory annual dose of PsyTrance at Morning Glory. The Semitic gods and goddesses who came forth to offer their souls to the supreme deity of nature took many forms. Namely, most of the attendees took on the roles of forest gnome, elfin wanderer, mountain warrior, and mermaid mistress. The level of spiritual consciousness that was attained by the sum-total of PsyTrance energy auras rendered the experience incredibly surrealistic.

Although I must admit that PsyTrance in any or all of its formats as Goa, Psychedelic, etc is not my musical favorite, the scene associated with this musical genre is appealing in its stylistic and experiential dimensions. Even if the music's pounding is not ideal for the tastiest cup of mushroom tea, it does produce a vibe that cannot be found elsewhere. Generally, nature parties truly do achieve a sense of communion with the natural environ in such a manner that is nature attained at other sorts of parties. Overall, the accoutrements of nature parties are the most aesthetically alluring. Personally, due to an overwhelming obsession with Canaanite hair texture and shape, perhaps the most memorable aspect of these festivals are the tribal doos. I've encountered many folks who have similar infatuations with the profusion of such hairstyles. Voluminous locks and thick manes prevail at nature parties. They complement the presence neon psychedelic art and objects. Furthermore, their proudly natural quality communicates a profound relationship with the primal human environ.

May the God of Psych Trance reign forever in the Holy Land, Black Rock City, and beyond. Please holler this way for any questions about Burning Man or tips on how to maximize this year's psychedelia!

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