Saturday, January 19, 2008

Zero Denominated Bills

Zeros are held to represent the complete lack of value. With respect to the currencies to the left that have been copied directly from other websites, the notion of currency without merit conveys a significant level of irreverence. This is tied into a general lack of respect for pecuniary traditions or some broader political critique. Such graphic representations also might come in handy when attempting to show that economic distress has ruined a currency/economy. In the case of these three, the main idea differs in each. The three men depicted in the currencies also are tied into the particular message that each is communicating. It is worth exploring why each of these notes was created and what overall purpose is served by the particular currency rendering.

The zero rupee note is the bearer of a political sort of message, implying that corruption carries a huge cost and there is no bakhsheesh involved in withholding a bribe. See this NGO's site for more info about the campaign to end corruption on the subcontinent: 5th Pillar.

Next is the American commander-in-chief who was rather demonized by pro-immigration folks, among others. This note was popularized in May 2006 during the massive immigration rallies that sprung up across the United States in order to show support for over 10 million ostensibly illegal immigrants residing on American soil. Check Hot Air for your zero peso fix.

Lastly, the zero currency most economically, monetarily, and financially apt in the current geopolitical period depicts Uncle Sam on the face of a devalued American bill. The assumption, perhaps, is that the currency has been gravely affected by the most famous American military recruiter and the consequences of his boss's overseas activities.

Thus, all three notes symbolize the power of currency, as well as the ephemeral value of money - once you account for the unstable vacillations of world capital flows and geopolitical strife.

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