Friday, February 22, 2008

The Blogospheric Mirror

This entry presents some graphs and charts from SiteMeter that reveal some information about all of YOU who visit(ed) this blog, as of February 22, 2008. I figured it would be good to divulge some of the more interesting ones that I found among an assortment of different figures on my SiteMeter page.

The 1st chart of continental representation shows a lack of South Americans and Africans who visit my blog. Also, remember that the Middle East and South Asia are part of "Asia," making that the second continent after North America.

I suppose it's no coincidence that the 3 countries I have lived in recently comprise 84% of this blog's audience. Azerbaijan might be the oddest/most unlikely of the many countries that were "1%" of the total viewers.

As for the language chart, the various languages represent the internet browser setting and not the actual mother tongue or even primary word processing language. The Hebrew-speaking nation is a distant second to English, and the primacy of English on the internets is readily apparent. However, perhaps I should consider blogging in other tongues at some point. Farsi is perhaps not too surprising of a presence, due to the fact that Iran contributes an inordinate number of bloggers to the blogosphere.

In terms of Operating System, the minority players Mac OS X and Linux came in at 29% and 2%, respectively. These percentages seem to be slightly higher than those operating systems' share of the total number of operating systems used by all blog viewers worldwide.

As for the internet browsers, Firefox 1 comes in well ahead of IE 7, with 39% and 29%, respectively. However, Firefox 2 and IE 6 are tied at 15%, perhaps suggesting that a significant number of Firefox loyalists simply haven't switched to the newer version of their preferred browser. Netscape's browser, at 2%, seems to be a thing of the past. Safari (the browser that I will be switching to if this Firefox 2 keeps having bugs) was also at 2%.

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