Saturday, January 14, 2006

Ode to Venus

Here's a poem I wrote my senior year of high school:

Ode to Venus

Mother-earth, I hear your bleeding, your monthly suffering.
I have empathy for the struggle that begins a flood
Of dark-colored life-force and a sensitive emotional barrage.

The battle to impregnate the vulnerable seed within you
Commences every waking day, as the orange disk in the sky
Sluggishly rolls across the heavens and lights up your skin.

Bright surface colors signal subterranean readiness
For the most potent volcanic intrusion into your fleshy canal.
The shrubbery that guards the entrance to eternal time
Gives beauty to a cyclical process that knows no cessation.

Natural waters emanate from the pleasure oases lining your crevice
And soothing, beating rhythms find oneness in this juicy bath.
No pollutant can damage or destruct the sanctity of your temple,
Its defenses ensure delightful absorption of certain intruders-
The plunging attackers find soft pinkness to receive their drilling.

Oh, mother-earth, you withstand onslaught by penetrating objects,
Even deviance approaches your fortitude with fright, for
It, too, understands feminine mystique and natural prowess.

Suppose some omnipotent cell collection came into your shores,
Would you allow the nettle to sting the sides of your hole?
Would you submit to the dragon’s fire and cry to Aphrodite?
Your shouts would resound throughout the skies,
Your screams would fill the oceans-
Red and white, primitive cadence, both solidify rebirth.

Yet the great allure arises from your amazing beauty,
Whose wings bear feathers not of innocence or guilt,
But of continuous history, adapting and declining
And also, degrading and ameliorating, to another cyclical rotation.

The wheel spins onward, its axis a perfect geometric form,
While hell-bent snakes slither from dirt to moist cavity
Seeking the fruits of their ongoing pursuit in a special resting place
Their final destination being a euphoric state of ejaculation into mother-earth.

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