Thursday, December 15, 2005

America's Next Top Ford Model: Andrew Lebson

Ford Model
I had to say it. Andrew Lebson is my hero. After implementing an exercise and diet regimen that slashed upwards of 25 kilos from his frame, this Baltimore native is blowing up in a different way. Having signed with the elite Ford Agency, Andrew continues his ascent to the top of the game.

Lebby, as we so affectionately called him in the halls of Gilman, is a professional trainer and certified hot body. He has also starred in a few episodes of The Post Show, baring his irresistable chest on multiple occasions. New Yorkers (even residents of East Williamsburg where Andrew lives) routinely stop the dashing young man of Mediterranean complexion and request at least a polaroid. Evidently, three teeny boppers in midtown spontaneously disrobed upon entering the stunning Lebson's presence. Even Gilman graduate/Towson bar patron Aaron Nocar lauds Lebson for turning his life around: "How the hell did that fat ass become this?"

After two years of rigorous sun-bathing on the Gulf Coast at the University of Tampa, Lebson primed himself for a life of runway-strutting and Tommy Hilfiger photo ops. His girlfriend of almost four years, Taylor, declared her utmost and eternal love for her brawny sextoy just days after he was signed by Ford. Andrew and Taylor share many of the same ideas about weight and beauty, having met several summers ago while mentoring obese New Jersey youngsters at a pricey Northeastern fat camp for lazy suburbanite children. As recovering horizontal challengees, the two plan on starring in several feature length films directed by Lebson himself about obesity and self-image. Eventually, they plan on starting up a camp of their own, on the shores of the Caribbean, says Lebson, who adds, "I've realized my life-goals, dude. I really am a model for fat kids in the sense that I'm a Ford stud and that those camp kids admire me for keeping those pounds off."

We're all so proud of you, Andrew! Keep up the strutting, and make sure you get Ford to post a prettier picture of you next time. There have been some mumblings on the internets about your low quality pose. Oh, I know das right!

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He isn't with taylor he?

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