Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Blog me silly

Greetings everyone! I have now decided to initiate a blogline that investigates various reptilian shapeshifter bloodlines. Though my b-spot won't be stimulated solely by such inquiries into such conspiracy theories, wild pseudo-scientific rant could pepper these pages. As Ben Blog-ill, I intend to give the world at least as much dictator chic as my North Korean namesake.

Because I harbor lots of skepticism, my ideas may sometimes appear outrageous. I try to keep my steez pragmatic most of the time, but this b-spot is all about capturing cultural angles, exposing presidential sexcapades, and escalating all manner of e-lationships. I won't pretend that the internets constitute a higher reality. However, my e-scribbles aim to provide psycho-social insight and to engender discussions of progressive, avant-garde things. Blog me or blog me not, I will stay spontaneous, while attempting to uphold proper e-tiquette. I loathe blogs that limit their scope to lengthy, monotonous monologues, so I'm trying to start up a multilateral inter-blog approach in this google-owned, citizen-regulated forum. Please subvert me if you so desire, and I will make sure to stay on point with it.

It's 2005, and I'm gainfully unemployed. I am using this here blogline as an outlet for creative ideas, photos, and stories. Let's think of this whole operation as one giant system of blog camps so we can all be saved in life after death up there in blog heaven. Scribe me your comments in any format, code, or tongue. Either Ben Blog-ill or Whodisan215, my alter ego, will respond in due time with due blog process. Keep it blog-ill!

1 comment:

Esther said...

I see you BP!
<3 EE

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