Thursday, December 15, 2005

Persian Weblogistan

I just read in this month's Wired magazine that Farsi (the predominant language of Iran) is the fourth most widely used language in blogs. Anonymous, tech-savvy Iranians vent about the oppressive theocracy in cyberspace. For all of you with Persian aversions, that should assuage your deepest-rooted fears about the malice of the Iranian populace. The government in control of Iran is clearly in bed with a backward class of religious zealots even more than Dubya's faithful caste lives off Pat Robertson's grundel sweat. Regardless of how much I vent about our president, he's certainly leagues better than Ahmadinejad.

Iran is ruled by a scary, fundamentalist crew of primitive ideologues. However, the strength of the current government followed a coup to overthrow a rather dictatorial pro-American shah, who himself wallowed in the legacy of an American-lead coup in 1953 that actually deposed a democratic regime. The CIA, in the interest of American big business, has lulled America into lots of situations where our Presidents (both Democratic and Republican) have authorized overthrowing demcratically-elected governments. Iran, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Chile...We don't fully support democracy! Surprise, surprise. We are merely in favor of relatively republican and Westernized regimes that allow American corporations to run amok. I guess that makes Dubya disingenuous.

Tickle my e-spot! The Weblogistan doesn't fib! So, what to do about these two maniacs in power? Bush and Ahmadinejad would probably enjoy a good spar (and I think the cowboy would win, in'ch-allah). Most of the rest of the world doesn't want a war because Iran is a big seller of petroleum and a relatively significant consumer of weapons. Looks like the US, EU, and Zion have a problem on their hands.

Too bad for Ahmadinejad, the Germans, Austrians, Canadians, and Americans didn't want the Jews setting up shop in the West. So, the West gradually has lent approval to the Israeli mission of establishing a stable, Western society in the midst of the Arab and Muslim sea. Frankly, I don't much approve of any of these race-baiting, Bible/Torah/Koran-toting zealots. Disarm Ayatollah Bush and his mullahs. The redneck Republicans are a bunch of mujaheedins, and I'm not interested in fighting their holy war. The universe's higher power clearly does not support any of these entity's against another. I wish people would just start being honest about their feelings. Instead of an Islamist saying "Allah does not will for the Zionists to control Palestine," can't he just say "Fuck Israel, I support Palestine." And rather than Rick Santorum talking about whether God hates fags, why doesn't he just admit that he personally doesn't like fags. Everyone could save a lot of time by removing the code word "God" from the equation. God doesn't care if Iran gets nuked to New Orleans or if the American empire declines and then dies.

It's at least amusing political drama to watch these comics throw around slogans about good and evil. When nuclear exchange becomes an Olympic sport, I'll be watching from the Weblogistan.

Ayatollah Ibn ben-Bloggah signin' off, B-more stays on top!

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